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The Card Game

CN Car 1.jpg

Where everything is won, or lost. A world where only stolen fish have true (ephemeral and short lived) value and only two genuine fish exist. Here they play cards for one of them. The guy is informing the owner by phone i.e. the thief (upstairs in ‘She Sees the Light’) that he’s just lost his most prized possession. Never mind, they can always listen to the big hit, the only hit, indeed the only recording of… ‘Malky the Chib; live at the Stadium Café (The Gig)’. And of course drink copious quantities of the ubiquitous Red Circle beer; unlike the real world, where only a single can of this infamous beer (see supporting works) remains. Art intrudes, by Dix’s Sylvia von Harden having a stake in the game.

Oil on canvas, approx: 4ft X 3ft (1200 X 900 mm).

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